{ about me }

Born and raised in the multifaceted beauty of Cape Town, South Africa, Clint Alexander literally discovered his first camera behind a boulder at a local beach at the age of nine. Little did he know that this Kodak Instamatic 123 would lead to his lifelong passion of photography. Due to South Africa's racist segregation regime, Clint was unable to study commercial photography and chose to focus on engineering while establishing US residency in 1997. Clint worked for the E.P.A. but realized he had to persue his photographic interests. With a makeshift "portfolio" consisting of an A&P grocery bag filled with 4 x 6 photos, and a Pentax SP 1000 35 mm camera with a broken light meter, Clint took the next step and enrolled at The Creative Circus Advertising School. While a student at The Creative Circus, Clint developed his portfolio and built a comprehensive network of contacts within the advertising industry. The rest, as they say, is history. The diversity of Clint's talent can be found among his Architectural, Interior/Exterior, Travel, Food and Editorial work.


Personal Achievements:

• Numerous Addy Awards during his enrollment at The Creative Circus

• His "Honduras" series was featured in the Dalton Gallery

A little extra about Clint...In his spare time Clint enjoys traveling, cooking, fine beer (a very wise man once told him that life is too short to drink cheap beer…thanks Dr. Ricker), and spending time with the most important person in his life…his son Chase.